Bedtime Hullabaloo


Book By : Conway, David

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SKU: 9780340981269


Date Published : 2011

Authors: Conway, David


Language : en

Dimensions: Height: 10.39368 Inches, Length: 10.2362 Inches, Weight: 0.48060773116 Pounds, Width: 0.15748 Inches

ISBN :9780340981269

Publisher : Hodder Children’s Books

One Night In The Silly Savannah A Ludicrous Leopard Is Leapfrogging To Bed And A Hat-wearing Hyena Is Half Asleep When All Of A Sudden There Is A Terrible Racket! The Animals Decide To Follow The Noise, But They Are In For A Big Surprise – A Tiny Shrew And Her Snoring. She Is Rudely Awakened, Only For The Animals To Slump Into A Heap Fast Asleep And Start Their Own Snuffling And Snoring. Time For Shrew To Get Her Own Back.

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