African Animal Tales Collection 7 Books Set By Mwenye Hadithi (Series 2 )


Book By : Mwenye Hadithi

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SKU: 9780340413913


Date Published : 2020

Authors: Mwenye Hadithi

Edition: 2

Language : en


ISBN :9780340413913

Publisher : Hodder Children’s Books

Hippo was hot and thought how wonderful it would be to live in the water, so he walked and ran until he came to the mountain where Ngai lived. Hippo pleaded and eventually Ngai agreed—Hippo could live in the water, but only if he did not eat the fish and came onto the land at night.

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Warm-colored watercolors along with a starkly rhythmic text create an African atmosphere for this striking picture book. The same talented author/artist team that created Greedy Zebra! tells the tale of a hot hippo, who prefers to live in the water instead of on land. He turns to Ngai, god of Everything and Everywhere, but Ngai is inclined not to grant Hippo’s wish, fearing he will eat all the fish (and bellowing, “I love my little fishes!”). When Hippo promises not to, Ngai consents under the condition that Hippo “ . . . come out of the water at night and eat grass . . . ” The happy hippo runs back, jumps in the water and sinks. He only knows how to run along the bottom holding his breath, and to this day that is what he doessurfacing now and then to tell Ngai he still keeps his promise. One question remains unanswered. How happy is Hippo down there? (2-8)

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