The Slippery Slope (Series of Unfortunate Events)


Book By : Snicket, Lemony

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SKU: 9781405266154


Date Published : 2012-09-01T00:00:01Z

Authors: Snicket, Lemony

Edition: UK ed.

Language : en_US

Dimensions: Height: 7.32 Inches, Length: 5.24 Inches, Weight: 0.661386786 Pounds, Width: 1.02 Inches

ISBN :9781405266154

Publisher : Egmont UK Ltd

There Is Nothing To Be Found In The Pages Of A Series Of Unfortunate Events But Misery And Despair. You Still Have Time To Choose Another International Best-seller To Read. But If You Must Know What Unpleasantries Befall The Charming And Clever Baudelaire Children Read On . . . Like Handshakes, House Pets Or Raw Carrots, Many Things Are Preferable When Not Slippery. Unfortunately The Baudelaires Run Into More Than Their Fair Share Of Slipperiness During Their Harrowing Journey Up And Down A Range Of Strange And Distressing Mountains In The Slippery Slope. In Order To Spare You Repulsion It Is Best Not To Mention Any More Regarding A Secret Message, A Toboggan, A Deceitful Trap, A Swarm Of Snow Gnats And A Scheming Villain. With 5 Million Copies Sold In The Uk Alone, One Might Consider Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events To Make Him One Of The Most Successful Children’s Authors Of The Past Decade. We, However, Consider These Miserable So-called Adventure Stories And The Hollywood Film Starring Jim Carrey That Accompanied The Books For Children As Nothing More Than A Dreadful Mistake.

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