The Boys’ School Girls: Obi’s Secrets


Book By : Chase, Lil

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SKU: 9781782069843


Date Published : 2015

Authors: Chase, Lil


Language : en

Dimensions: Height: 7.79526 Inches, Length: 5.1181 Inches, Weight: 0.5070632026 Pounds, Width: 0.90551 Inches

ISBN :9781782069843

Publisher : Quercus Publishing

New Best Friend? Check. Cool Band? Check. Simple Life? As If. Obi’s Thrilled To Be Invited To Join Sucker Punch – And To Top It Off Donna, The Band’s Singer, Calls Obi Her Best Friend. The Only Problem Is, Obi Can’t Tell Her Mum About Being In The Band. She Can’t Tell Her Friends She’s Also Joined The Orchestra. And She Definitely Can’t Tell Donna About Her Friendship With Lenny – He’s Donna’s Boyfriend. But When Things Get Complicated At Home, Obi Starts Seeing More And More Of Lenny: It Feels Like He’s Is The Only One Who Understands … What’s One More Little Secret?

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