Noble Conflict


Book By : Blackman, Malorie

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SKU: 9780552554626


Date Published : 2014-01-02T00:00:01Z

Authors: Blackman, Malorie


Language : en_US

Dimensions: Height: 7.79526 Inches, Length: 5.07873 Inches, Weight: 0.5621787681 Pounds, Width: 0.90551 Inches

ISBN :9780552554626

Publisher : Corgi Childrens

Years After A Violent War Destroyed Much Of The World, Kaspar Has Grown Up In A Society Based On Peace And Harmony. But Beyond The City Walls, A Vicious Band Of Rebels Are Plotting To Tear This Peace Apart. It Is Up To The Guardians – An Elite Peacekeeping Force – To Protect The City, Without Ever Resorting To The Brutal Methods Of Their Enemy. When Kaspar Joins The Guardians, He Has A Chance Encounter With A Rebel – A Beautiful Girl Named Rhea. Haunted From That Moment On By Strange Visions And Memories – Memories That Could Only Belong To Rhea – He Realises He Hasn’t Been Told The Truth About What The Rebels Really Want, And What He’s Really Fighting For.

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