My Monster


Book By : Taylor, Eleanor

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SKU: 9780747589914


Date Published : 5/6/2008

Authors: Taylor, Eleanor


Language : en_US

Dimensions: Height: 1.85039 Inches, Length: 7.99211 Inches, Width: 9.99998 Inches

ISBN :9780747589914

Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

When Louis Moves House He Settles In Quickly, Running From Room To Room And Shouting Into All The Empty Cupboards. But On His First Night In The New House, Louis Hears A Monster Crying Under His Bed. The Monster Is Sad And Frightened About All The Noise That The New Family Is Making So Louis Holds His Hand And Reassures Him. Then When Louis Has To Be Brave And Meet All The Children In The Playground For The First Time, He Finds That Encouraging The Monster To Be Brave Really Helps Him A Lot Too. An Upside-down Tale Of Getting To Grips With The New By A Popular Artist.

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