Mountains (Kingfisher Young Knowledge) (Kingfisher Young Knowledge)


Book By : Margaret Hynes

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SKU: 9780753413784


Date Published : 2021

Authors: Margaret Hynes


Language : en

Dimensions: Height: 10.47242 Inches, Length: 7.95274 Inches, Weight: 1.10231131 Pounds, Width: 0.43307 Inches

ISBN :9780753413784

Publisher : Pan MacMillan

Introduces Young Readers To Nature’s Magnificent Peaks And Ranges, From The Tip Of Everest To The Valleys Of Ancient Volcanoes. This Book Helps You Learn How The Earth’s Tectonic Plates Collide To Form Mountain Ranges, Meet The Amazing Birds, Mammals And People That Live At High Altitudes, And Follow In Footsteps Of Intrepid Mountain Explorers.

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